Yom HaShoah Commemoration ​

On Monday, May 6th our community came together for our annual Yom HaShoah Commemoration Service. This year’s program held special meaning, as it not only provided a way to remember lives lost in the Shoah, as well as a way to remember those lives lost on October 7th.

Our program featured guest speaker, Irene Stern Frielich author of “ Shattered Stars, Healing Hearts” a heartfelt memoir of a Jewish woman, as she embarks on an international journey to retrace her late father’s escape from Nazi Germany.

The Federation would like to thank the following people who participated in our Yom HaShoah program:

Rabbi Cohn; Rabbi Polokoff; Linda Goodman and the Mahkelah Choir; Rachel Albert; Patti Berkowitz; Jaqui Schulefand and Bnai Israel Religious School students ( Lucas Gayness, Elliot Linnetz and Kai Abeyla); Kathleen Marks and Steven Reps.

It is with heartfelt appreciation to the Fay and Max Katz Yom HaShoah Memorial Fund for making our Yom HaShoah program possible.