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Yeshiva K’tana of Waterbury

32 Hillside
Waterbury, CT 06710

P: 203-756-1800
F: 203-756-1200

Yeshiva K’tana is an elementary school starting from nursery through Grade 8.

As the only Jewish Day School within a 25 mile radius, the Yeshiva serves communities as far as Litchfield, CT. As you enter the school building, you are immediately surrounded by the sights and sounds of students learning.   Yeshiva K’tana offers a rigorous curriculum in both Kodesh subjects as well as General Studies.   We pride ourselves on having Rebbeim, Morahs and teachers who put their hearts and souls into developing all aspects of their students’ growth. This includes developing fine character traits and learning a broad spectrum of skills aside from the core curriculum.