Support in Israel

Our Partnership with Afula-Gilboa

The Jewish Federation of Western, CT is part of the Southern New England Consortium (SNEC) which in 1994 was partnered with the cities of Afula-Gilboa in Israel.

The partnership focuses on:

  • economic development
  • fostering coexistence among Israeli Jews and Arabs
  • education
  • building the next generation of young leadership

The Jewish Federation of Western, CT has contributed to this partnership through donations that have helped to improve education, security and health care for the people of this region. 


About Afula-Gilboa

Afula is an urban center providing key services for the Jezre’el Valley. It is only eight miles from Jenin (a Palestinian city just north of the West Bank) and a frequent target for terrorists. In the 1980’s Afula struggled to absorb many immigrants coming from Ethiopia and the Soviet Union. Afula is one of Israel’s most strategic and demographically challenged areas.

The Gilboa region is made up of kibbutzim, moshavim, and Jewish and Arab-Israeli villages which share an 11 mile stretch across the Seam Line with the Palestinian Authority.

The Sophie, Joseph and Mark Brinker Dental and Maxillofacial Clinic

The Sophie Joseph and Mark Brinker Maxillo-Facial Dental clinic on the grounds at Emek Hospital in Afula, Israel was established in July 2013 after several long years of planning.  Dental care has not been a priority for many in the area and dentists Drs. Joseph and Mark Brinker wanted to provide for dental care to impoverished areas in Israel. Through their generous bequest, the Foundation funded the retro-fit of a building on Emek Hospital grounds as a dental clinic which operates 20 hours per week.  It is the only clinic of its kind in the area.


Since opening in July 2013, almost 4,000 procedures have been performed, consisting mostly of crowns, extractions and root canals.  Patients are referred to the clinic by the welfare department of Afula’s city hall, Gilboa and Bustan EL Marj.  During the past year more than 1700 procedures were performed on more than 900 patients.  There is a two to four month waiting list for treatment.


In February 2015, the Foundation Board of Trustees approved a $30,000 request to purchase a Panoramic x-ray machine to improve patient care and the efficiency of the clinic operations.


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