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Overnight Camp Campership Application

The Jewish Communities of Western CT’s Endowment is pleased to award camperships for children to attend Jewish summer overnight camp. Jewish camp programs support Jewish identity and continuity.

Camps considered are listed on the One Happy Camper website

If your camp is not listed please contact, there a few other for profit camps that have submitted the proper paperwork.

In order to be considered for an award, the applicant must:

  • Be a Member of the Federation. In order to be a member, you must have made a minimum of $36 contribution to the Annual Campaign.
  • Be between the ages of 8 and 16 on July 1st.
  • Reside in the Federation’s service area (see list of towns at
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the Jewish Community and to Jewish learning.
  • Only children with paid registrations for camp will be considered. Submit a camp invoice showing your paid registration fee and/or deposit for your child along with your application. Applications will be considered only for children registered at a camp.
  • A copy of page 1 & 2 of your 2017 income tax return must be emailed to address below. Earlier returns are not eligible.
  • Understand that past awards do not guarantee future awards. Award values change each year with the change of available dollars for camping scholarships.
  • Understand that no application will be considered unless all information is completed and submitted by the due date, February 15th.

In addition to the information provided in answer to specific application questions, the Grants and Allocations Committee uses a number of factors in considering each Campership Grant Application. These factors include the total number of applications and the total funds available for grants, need as demonstrated by family income and total finances, previous camping opportunities, other awards or grants, and other relevant special circumstance.

The Endowment’s Grants and Allocations Committee makes award decisions. Applicants are discouraged from contacting any member of the scholarship committee regarding his/her application.

Right after attending camp, all campers will send the Federation a letter, video, poem, picture or any version thereof to share the impact of a Federation campership on their lives. More than just “Thank you for sending me to camp”, we request a description of how the Jewish camping experience made a difference in the life of a camper. This camper feedback is a critical part of the campership process and will be part of the ongoing evaluation process when determining future campership awards. It is very important and we ask that your campers take the time to share a meaningful story with us.

Applications including the financial statements are due by February 15th 2019. One application should be filled out for all children attending this camp. Send application and paid registration forms to

One application per camp should include all children in the home applying for that camp.

Applicant Information

Applicant Background

Is the applicant involved with any Jewish Community activities or organizations (such as a youth group?) If yes, please explain.

Is your family affiliated with a synagogue, youth group or other Jewish community group? If yes, which one(s)?

Has the applicant had any formal Jewish education? If yes, please describe.

Camp Registration

Which camp will the applicant attend?

Is the camp listed on with One Happy Camper?

When is the applicant planning to attend camp (first date through last date)?

Financial Assistance

What will be the total camp cost for your family, less scholarships, discounts or gifts toward camp fees, you receive or will receive?

Will you be receiving financial assistance for camp from any source other than Endowment? (ie. PJ Library Camp scholarship, family assistance, employer assistance, or other source)

If yes, how much assistance will you receive in total?

Amount of your request?


Confidential Financial Information

Please download the Confidential Financial Information and send completed form to


I hereby certify that the statements contained in this application are true and correct.

For further information contact 203-267-3177, ext. 308.