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We’ve changed the way that we do things. Please note the new guidelines for the grant application process.

Grant Guidelines


Summer can be a slow time when everyone is out of school and there is not much to do. Sending your child to camp could be a fulfilling and life changing experience, as it has been for so many kids before. With so many options for day camps and sleep away camps, there is sure to be a fit for your child and we can help make it a fit for your budget.

Thanks to the new Joel Varnick Camping Fund, we now provide camperships for overnight Jewish camping.

Completed applications may be returned beginning on January 1 with a deadline of January 21, 2018.   Contact us at 203-267-3177, x304 for more information.

Camps must be licensed & accredited to qualify.

Application Links:
Day Campership Application
Overnight Campership Application


Application Deadline: MARCH 6, 2018


Thanks to many generous donors who have made education a priority, the Jewish Federation of Western CT offers scholarships to help young adults continue their education.

If you are a high school senior or current or returning college student, you are invited to complete an application for a college scholarship.

The Grants & Allocations Committee encourages you to review the entire application before making your decision to apply.  The Committee accepts complete application packages only. You must complete each section according to the instructions and criteria set forth in that section.  All applicants must be in good standing with their current institution (not on academic or other probation). The Committee recommends that you give thoughtful consideration and time to crafting a competitive application.


Finkelstein Renewal Form – College Scholarship


Travel to Israel

If you are traveling to Israel to make alliyah, attend camp, participate in an educational program, for work/study programs and internships, or to compliment a college scholarship apply here for an award. Awards for travel to Israel are supported with funding from the Walzer Passport to Israel Fund and the Liebeskind Israel Travel Award Fund. The Foundation is grateful for the support these families provide for young people to travel to Israel and connect with their Jewish identity.

“Over the last four years, I’ve come to admire the Jewish Federation for inspiring students, like myself, to push themselves beyond what they think they’re capable of. I’ve learned that someone out there wants to see you succeed.” – Samantha Velez

“Regards from the Holy Land! We went to the Western Wall. It was amazing to touch a wall that existed at the time of the Temple. I am now on the roof of the school building. There is a gorgeous view of the city and we get to see the sun set over Jerusalem every night. Thank you so much for helping me experience Israel!” – Chaya Peryl Bernstein