DVI Takes On Entire Ukrainian Orphanage for Treatment

Nes Harim has resettled the Children’s Home of Shatner, Ukraine. This shelter houses children whose parents are unable to care for them either temporarily and children who have been removed from their homes by court order. With the outbreak of war, Chabad emissaries who run the children’s home worked to get the children living there out to safety in Israel. As the situation worsened, these Chabad emissaries managed to also extricate the close to one hundred women, children and elderly who had come looking for shelter. These 150 individuals, ranging in age from 5 months to 77 years, are now living in facilities in Nes Harim, beginning to adapt to their new realities, and struggling on multiple levels. Teen sisters Dalia and Veronica are pictured here, having arrived to Israel in severe dental pain

Feige’s family miraculously arrived in Israel from war torn Ukraine on March 9th. The family was hoping to be able to ride out the storm, as Mrs. G is nine months pregnant. Once the Russians invaded and bombs hit just 200 meters from their home, the family felt they could wait no longer. The rabbi of their community arranged transport for the parents and their two children ages two and four, and the family took their place on the back of a truck. The driver made a sudden stop sending the very pregnant Mrs. G flying. She refused to be taken to a hospital, got a few stitches on her forehead and continued the trek with her family. The family managed to cross over to Hungary and arrived in Israel after a harrowing journey. 


Feige, aged four, suffered from so much oral pain, that the family managed to get her dental first aid just before the military incursion began. Unfortunately, this not only failed to alleviate the problem but created an additional trauma for the child. Upon landing in Israel, one of the first things this family searched for was dental care for Feige. A family friend found the DVI clinic online, and they received an immediate appointment. This was critical since the child was unable to eat any solid foods as a result of her situation for 3 weeks. Fortunately, DVI had pediatric dentists on hand and Feige underwent an emergency root canal. Mrs. G could not express her appreciation in words.

Update on DVI's Polish Dentists: DVI dentists Drs Pawel and Margaret Ocios are hosting a Ukrainian surgeon's family in their home. "The wife Lena has two children, are being made comfortable, for example temporary private small kitchen. Wowa has started school in our village , Nastia is a student of medical school; fortunately, she has online classes. They now all have obtained formal permission to remain here and we are waiting for the war to end."