Message from Leket Israel

Here is an acknowledgment letter from Rosie Miller, Grants and Donor Relations Manager from Leket Israel.

Dear Pamela and all our friends at the Jewish Federation of Western CT,


I hope you've had a great summer. As Rosh Hashana approaches, Leket Israel (Leket) would like to thank the Federation for its vital assistance in helping us reach more people in need, particularly in the Afula-Gilboa region. The organization continues to rescue and redistribute nutritious and healthy food to 234,000 Israelis at high risk every week, from all backgrounds.


Growing inflation rates and consistent rises in the cost of living in Israel continue to hit low socioeconomic households the hardest, with Israel's Social Security (Bituach Leumi) reporting that 522 thousand families are grappling with food insecurity.


Since our last update, Leket has:

  • Launched an extensive gleaning initiative in Ramat Hagolan to rescue 3,000 metric tons (6.6 million lbs.) of delicious Apples and Pears that would otherwise be destroyed; for redistribution to families across Israel in time for Rosh Hashana.

  • Expanded its nutritional education program for children at risk, reconvening in September at six elementary schools, to support 1,184 families with nutrition education workshops and (24 kgs.) 53 lbs. of fresh and nutritious produce per family per month.

  • Added additional nonprofit partners to distribute food rescued by Leket directly to recipients throughout Israel. Leket is now working with 284 nonprofit organizations, a 12% increase compared to this time last year.


We wish you a joyous Rosh Hashana and are excited to share our holiday recipe collection, from well-known chefs and bloggers around the world: 

Click here to view the recipes for Rosh Hashana: 2023


Wishing you and your family a Shana Tova, full of health and happiness.


Best wishes,