Mission Orientated Grants


Your Federation is pleased that the your contributions and the strength of its endowment enable us provide financial support to programs, projects, or events in the fields of education, inter-group relations, civic improvement, cultural enrichment, as well as health and social services which are consistent with Jewish values. The Federation and its Grants and Allocations Committee will give priority to grant and allocations proposals to projects centered on Jewish values that are critical to Jewish continuity.


Addressing Community Needs


Grants are awarded to fund programs, projects, or events that are consistent with the mission and/or priorities of The Jewish Federation of Western CT. Projects and initiatives that are deeply rooted in Jewish content, that focus on Jewish culture (art, music, literature, dance), Jewish education (literacy, curriculum development, professional development), Jewish life (sport, health, social services), and Jewish principles (Tikkun Olam, Tzedakah, Chesed) are given serious consideration. 
The Federation’s grant program addresses new and emerging community needs to provide funding for core community programs and organizations through a rigorous review process. The Federation funds a wide range of programs as a part of our ongoing commitment to the local community, Israel and Jewish communities throughout the world. Funds generated from special giving opportunities are distributed directly to projects donors wish to support. 
The Federation’s endowment provides a stable source of financial support through planned giving opportunities and grant-making and is integral to fulfilling the Federation’s mission. We aim to strengthen community programs and organizations, address pressing problems and provide support for our Jewish community both in Western and Northwestern Connecticut and our partnership region of Afula-Gilboa, Israel.


Educational Grants to Local Jewish Institutions


The Federation believes that Jewish education is a fundamental component of Jewish continuity and values. Accordingly, it provides grants to Jewish educational institutions in our Federation communities that take on the responsibility of educating the youth of Western and Northwestern Connecticut.                                                                                             


  • The mission of the grantee is to promote sustainable agriculture, local food and active healthy life styles!

    The purpose of the grant funding is to provide locally grown food from NW CT farms ...


  • The mission of the grantee is to provide medical cancer care. The purpose of the grant funding is focused on 

    Ann's Place Health Equity Initiative Program (HEI) The goal for their Health Equity Initiative (HEI) program is to ensure that everyone facing cancer, regardless of economic standing, has the opportunity to improve their quality of life. Danbury, Connecticut 

Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence



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