1 2022

The UJC Adult Education Committee Presents: Humanity in a Warming World

11:00AM - 12:00PM  

The UJC Adult Education Committee Presents


Prof. Mitch Wagener

"Humanity in a Warming World"

in the UJC Zoom Meeting Room

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Climate change is the greatest challenge we face and will be our grandchildren’s challenge as well. In a warmer world, weather events will be more severe, sea levels higher, and people will be displaced. It is a serious situation, which we must meet with both our heads and our hearts.

But there is hope. The study of climate change is developing very quickly. Significant new information is coming out—literally—every day. This talk will explain the basics but also mix in some of this new information giving us a better understanding of the world and our future.

Dr. Mitch Wagener has been teaching ecology, climate ecology, and related courses at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury since 1996. In 2019, he received the Aquarion Environmental Champion Award, Individual Communication category. That same year Dr. Wagener received an official citation from the Connecticut General Assembly for his efforts in climate change education and community service. His research interests include the impact of historical events—such as the Industrial Revolution—on the environment.Click here to log