6 2022

Countering Active Threat Training (CATT)

6:00PM - 8:00PM  

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Our goal will be to educate our Community on how to “Commit to Action” if  encountering any type of an active threat.  The participants will be exposed to national best practices that will provide tangible instructive material that can be utilized at work or in everyday life. The core objectives that will be presented include:

  • Know the definition of an Active Threat;

  • Know the difference between security and safety;

  • Have a better understanding of Active Threat incidents;

  • Be able to identify and explain the three modes of action during an active shooter incident: RUN, HIDE, FIGHT;

  • Understand how to prepare for an active threat event;

  • Know how to respond to law enforcement’s arrival;

  • Understand the importance of additional training