15 2023


24 2023

Community Wide Federation Mission to Israel


Contact Conti Cathy

The mission will leave from New York on Sunday, October 15 and return on Wednesday, October 25. Please click here to see the current draft of the itinerary. The estimated cost of the trip will be $5,100, assuming double occupancy. For those not planning to share a hotel room, the estimated cost will be $7,242. This pricing does not include airfare, or the cost of meals and drinks not included in the itinerary, tips payable to Israel-based guides and support staff, and a few other miscellaneous items. We encourage participants to book airfare on their own. The itinerary and mission costs are subject to change. 


We are happy to announce that, to enhance the ability of community members from all corners of Western and Northwestern Connecticut to join the Federation mission, the Federation will award each mission participant a stipend in the amount of $1,500 to reduce the cost of the mission. As a result, the actual estimated cost of the mission will be $3,600 for those sharing a hotel room and $5,742 for those not sharing a hotel room.


The Federation is currently working with our Israel-based travel service ESHET on registration material for the mission. We will make the registration form available to you soon.


Please feel free to contact Federation President, Pauline Zimmerman at ‭203-910-9501‬ or CEO, Gary Jones at 203-267-3177 Ext. #304 with any questions.


Registration Forms and other information to follow.