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Leket Israel Passover 2022 Cookbook

Click here to view the Leket Israel Passover Cookbook 2022

Jewish Federation Welcomes Partnership2Gether Director and US Coordinator

Last week, all of the CEOs from Jewish Federations in Southern New England had a full day retreat and board meeting with Maya Shoham, our Israel based Director of the Alfula-Gilboa and Southern New England Consortium Partnership (often referred to as Partnership2Gether), and with Jill Abel, …

Federation Continues Annual Tradition of Distributing Passover Gift Bags!

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Every Pesach, the Jewish Federation reaches out to our Jewish institutions throughout Western and Northwestern Connecticut to help us identify community members who may be in need of Kosher for Passover necessities, like matzo, gefilte fish, matzo meal, soup and macaroons. Each year, we asse…