Surviving Hostage Situations

The Secure Community Network (SCN) is the nonprofit organization charged with safeguarding the security of the Jewish community in North America. To safeguard the security of the Jewish community and its institutions in Western and Northwestern Connecticut, the Federation has contracted with SCN to hire Mike Shanbrom to be our Regional Security Advisor. Because of the financial commitment of the Federation, all of our Jewish institutions have the benefit of Mike’s expertise in conducting security assessments, providing security training sessions and in applying for nonprofit security grants to upgrade the security of their buildings. All of these services are provided at no cost to our Jewish institutions.

SCN’s value to the Jewish community goes well beyond the hiring and training of Regional Security Advisors. It also provides a wide array of seminars that educate the Jewish community on security matters. We highly recommend that you view this webinar on Surviving Hostage Situations.

One year after the hostage incident at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Texas, the Secure Community Network and partners present the Surviving Hostage Situations webinar to share practical steps to take at the onset, duration, and resolution of a hostage situation. Panelists include a Colleyville survivor and security professionals with backgrounds in crisis negotiations.