Matching Gift Plan for Contributions to Support Turkey-Syria

Federation Announces Matching Gift Plan for Contributions to Support Turkey-Syria Earthquake Relief


We have all watched in horror as a series of earthquakes has caused a still-mounting death toll and destruction over a 200 mile radius. Now is the time for the Jewish community of Western and Northwestern Connecticut to join with Jewish Federations across North America to support earthquake survivors in Turkey and Syria by clicking on this link.

As an added inducement to give generously to support this important effort, the Jewish Federation of Western Connecticut has committed to matching the first $5,000 contributed by members of our Federation community to this Relief Fund on a 2-1 basis. In other words, if you contribute $180, we will contribute an additional $360 as a thank you for your generosity. As always in these emergency relief appeals, 100% of all funds collected will be donated to those operating on the ground in support of the relief effort.

This humanitarian relief effort is a reminder of the value of the Jewish Federation system. Jewish Federations across North America not only serve the needs of local communities like ours. Jewish Federations, by virtue of our partnership relationships with the Joint Distribution Committee, the Jewish Agency for Israel and other Jewish organizations operating throughout the world, are in a uniquely good position to provide immediate financial support where and when it is most desperately needed.

Finally, we must also note how proud we are of the role that Israel is taking in this emergency. We have become accustomed to seeing that Israel is always among the first nations to respond to humanitarian crises throughout the world. The same is true in this crisis. As part of Operation Olive Branch, the IDF has already sent 130 search and rescue experts to Turkey. These experts have as of yesterday rescued at least 10 people who were buried in rubble. In addition, the IDF sent 230 experts to establish a field hospital.

Click here to view JFNA’s latest update on the crisis. Click here to register for an Exclusive Briefing on Relief Efforts from Turkey to be held Monday at 2:00.

Please feel free to call or write if you have any questions about the earthquake relief effort, the Federation’s Matching Gift Program or anything else relating to the Federation.


Please contact Gary Jones by email or phone at: or 203-267-3177 Ext. #304