Important Notice About Helping Israel

We are sharing this letter from the United Jewish Federation of Stamford, New Canaan and Darien.

United Jewish Federation of Stamford, New Canaan, and Darien 

2009 Summer Street, Suite 302 

Stamford, CT 06905 


February 16, 2024 


The Honorable Rachel Khanna 

Legislative Office Building, Room 4020 

300 Capitol Avenue 

Hartford, CT 06106 


Dear Representative Khanna, 


We are writing on behalf of the United Jewish Federation of Stamford, New Canaan, and Darien  (UJF) and the members of our Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC).  


We are aware that one or more members of the Connecticut General Assembly may be trying to  build momentum for a statewide resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire between the  terrorist group Hamas and the State of Israel – an action which may seem innocuous on the  surface, but which could actually cause harm upon the Jewish communities here in Connecticut. 


“Ceasefire resolutions” have begun popping up around the country at City Council meetings in  places like Bridgeport, and may soon be appearing in front of the Hartford City Council and the  Groton Town Council. As the war in Israel/Gaza continues, Jewish Federations across Connecticut  all want to see an end to the suffering and loss of innocent life in both Israel and Gaza. However, we  stress that ALL of the Jewish Federations have resisted calls for a permanent ceasefire, for several  important reasons: 


  • These resolutions are highly divisive, often overtly anti-Israel, and at times have allowed  antisemitic conspiracy theories to fester. They are not resolutions discussing a peaceful  path forward or a two-state solution. Most have been filled with misinformation about  Israel, with the express purpose of trying to change public opinion about federal foreign aid  funding for Israel. Respectfully, foreign policy is not the jurisdiction of elected leaders at the  state or local level.  

  • We abhor the loss of innocent lives, whether Jewish or Arab, Israeli or Palestinian. War is  horrible. We all wish to see a successful ceasefire; but a ceasefire that precludes the  demilitarization of Hamas and doesn’t return the hostages, will only bring us back to the same dangerous situation once again. There was a ceasefire in place on October 6th, and  without guarantees that Hamas won’t once again break a ceasefire to slaughter and kidnap  Israeli civilians, a forced resolution will solve nothing.  

  • The Hamas charter states that their reason for existence is the destruction of Israel. In this  video, Ghazi Hamad, a senior Hamas leader, openly admits Hamas’ intent to repeat the  October 7th massacre “again and again,” in order to further their mandate to annihilate Israel  and kill Jews. No country can be expected to agree to a ceasefire until it can guarantee their  residents that the terrorist group responsible is no longer a real threat.  

  • Calling for an immediate permanent ceasefire effectively excuses the indiscriminate rape,  murder, and torture of innocent Israeli civilians – both Jewish and not Jewish. The barbarity  of the crimes committed on October 7th (and for the last 133 day to the 130 hostages still in  captivity) is too graphic and disturbing to describe in detail, but Israel has the right and the  duty to ensure that Hamas never again can commit such atrocities.  


The entire Connecticut Congressional delegation and both U.S. Senators have resisted calling for a  mandated permanent ceasefire. Some in our delegation have taken issue with the Israeli  government and their actions, but each and every one continue to stand by Israel and her right to  defend herself.  


These resolutions do not align with American values. They absolve Hamas, an organization  recognized by our government as a terrorist organization, of responsibility, and they promote  antisemitic vitriol. We know that you want to stand up for peace. So do we. The only chance for  peace begins with the end of Hamas rule and an immediate return of the hostages.  


We thank you for your past support of our local Jewish community and we urge you to rise above the  divisive discourse a resolution like this would create, and to reaffirm the values that we should hold  near and dear. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this issue further with you. Please  contact UJF Deputy Director Eric Ross, at 203-321-1373 or, if you would like to  schedule a meeting.  


Below are the emails for your legislators in Western CT. Legislators need to hear our perspective. Please reach out to your Federation if you have a question on this issue.

Call our direct line: (203) 267-3177