Federation Announces Gifts

Each year, the Jewish Federation of Western Connecticut provides much-needed financial support for a variety of institutions and individuals, including: Synagogues and Day Schools educating our children; Jewish and secular charitable organizations attending to the social service needs of our friends and neighbors; Israeli and other Jewish international organizations serving the social service and community building needs of Jewish communities in Israel and around the globe; and individuals who need financial assistance to attend Jewish camps or to attend college.

Your annual contributions and the strength of our endowment enable our Federation to make a big impact on the lives of so many. Usually, requests for funding for each of the categories are held on an annual basis and must satisfy the rigorous requirements of our Grants and Allocations Committee. However, there are times when an opportunity arises to support an important project or to lend a hand in a crisis.

I am happy to report that the Federation also has the flexibility to be of help in those circumstances as well. I wanted to alert you to two specific examples of recent gifts that demonstrate that flexibility.

First, the Federation is proud to announce that it has become a Presenting Sponsor of the weekend of events to be held on November 11-13 to commemorate the 85th Anniversary of “When Southbury Said NO to the Nazis”. Click here to learn more about the various events to be held over the weekend.

It is of course exceptionally important to recognize one of the rare instances when a community stood up to Nazis prior to the second world war. The fact that the heroic action took place here in Southbury makes the opportunity to commemorate the event especially compelling. However, if we have learned anything over the last few years, it is the fact that manifestations of Antisemitism and other forms of hate seem to growing and becoming more virulent.

We know that unchecked hate spreads, and spreads fast. To minimize the spread of hate, it needs to be confronted immediately. Our state, our country and our world need people of good will to stand up to hate, without regard to the target or the source of the hate. In this sense, what Southbury did 85 years ago is not just history. Nor is it only a local story or only a Connecticut story. It is a story that should reverberate everywhere and for all times. Southbury’s decision to give no safe haven to Nazis and stand up to hate can and should serve a role model for what we all have to do today. We are proud to help amplify that message in any way that we can.

Second, your Federation is making a contribution to the Jewish Federation of Lee and Charlotte Counties, the Federation that covers Fort Meyers and the other areas in Florida most affected by Hurricane Ian. The Jewish people are one. In all that we do, we need to support our sisters and brothers who are suffering.

With your ongoing help, we will always be in a position to provide financial assistance for those in need and to recognize and support efforts to fight hate.

Federation Announces Gifts in Support of When Southbury Said NO Commemoration and for Hurricane Ian Relief