Antisemitism and our Current Political Discourse 2023

Last Friday, the Jewish Federation of Western Connecticut participated in a program designed specifically for our State Legislators called: Antisemitism and our Current Political Discourse: What Connecticut Legislators Need to Know in 2023.

The program was organized by JFACT, the nonprofit advocacy organization created by Connecticut’s seven Jewish Federations to advocate for Jewish values in our State Legislature and in Congress. The presenters of the program were Stacey Sobel, the Regional Director of Connecticut ADL; Michael Bloom, the Executive Director of JFACT;Commissioner James Rovella, CT Dept. of Emergency Services and Public Protection; and Sergeant Colin J. Richter, Connecticut Hate Crimes Unit.

26 legislators took 75 minutes from their very busy work schedule to learn about Antisemitism in all of its current forms, to understand the power that leaders possess to stand up to hate and to ask some very insightful questions about other ways they could be of help to the Jewish community. Many even stayed well beyond the announced time of the program to speak further with Jewish community members who took the time to visit with them at the Capitol.

I am particularly pleased to note that legislators from Western and Northwestern Connecticut were very wellrepresented at the program. Seven of the 26 attendees represent communities covered by our Federation. Please consider reaching out to thank the following legislators for their strong show of support to our community:

Sen. Eric Berthel:

Sen. Julie Kushner:

Sen. Henri Martin:

Rep. Cindy Harrison:

Rep. Ron Napoli:

Rep. John Piscopo:

Rep. Geraldo Reyes: