2021 Year End Campaign

The New Year of 2022 is rapidly approaching and we would like to end this year with your contribution or pledge for our 2021-2022 Annual Campaign. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and the challenges that specifically target the Jewish community here and around the world, with your guidance and support, your Federation has continued to provide the programming, funding and leadership necessary to keep our community strong and vibrant.

Over the next few weeks, I will highlight some of the specific initiatives that we have undertaken to help us to be strong and vibrant. However, we request that you consider making a contribution to our annual campaign today.

Feel free to call or email Gary directly (203-267-3177 X304 or gjones@jfed.net) if you would like to discuss your gift or any of the Federation’s initiatives. If you have already made your 2021-2022 Annual Campaign gift or pledge, we are so grateful - thank you very much! Your contribution can make a world of difference.

Here are some reasons why you may want to consider a donation before the end of 2021:

1.You may qualify for a matching gift from your employer! Check with your workplace to find out whether your employer offers a matching gift program.

2.A gift of cash could reap tax benefits. If you itemize your tax deductions, you may be able to deduct a significant portion of your contribution. And if you don't itemize, there's still an above-the-line deduction for gifts of up to $300.*

3.A gift of appreciated securities could also reduce your taxes. You may deduct the fair market value of your gift, and you also bypass capital gains tax.

4.A Qualified Charitable Distribution from your IRA is a popular option for people age 70½ or older.

5.Create an Eternal Annual Campaign EndowmentFund empowering a family tradition for future generations to ensure that Jewish history and your family values are not forgotten.

6.What better way to end this year with kindness and generosityknowing that your contribution will help so many people in so many ways. As always we are in this together, helping to create a safer and more just world for Jews and their neighbors here, in Israel, and across the globe. Your support helps us continue our good work in challenging times. We are grander together!!!