ADL: Resources to Address and Challenge Antisemitism

The topic of antisemitism is complex, deeply historical and has a myriad of elements to it. Antisemitism is not only about defaming and attacking the Jewish community; it is a symptom of a larger issue. While antisemitism has sometimes escalated to violence as we saw at the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting, it more often appears in subtler ways, such as insensitive remarks or “jokes” that are brushed off, or negative stereotypes that go unchallenged.

Today, Jewish young people are regularly experiencing antisemitic comments, taunts, harassment, hate speech and graffiti in the halls and classrooms of their schools, in their neighborhoods and communities, and in their digital spaces. We can address this by teaching young people the values of mutual respect and equity and how to act as an ally when they see bias of any kind.

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