The Center for Empowerment and Education

The mission of the grantee 2023-2024: Break the cycle of interpersonal violence through empowerment, education and support services utilizing inclusive, trauma-informed, and client-centered practices for all individuals in the community.

The purpose of the grant funding will prompt awareness of sexual assault by engaging the university community via workshops, participation forums, fairs and rallies, distribution of information materials, and media activities.

"In January of 2007, Western Connecticut State University and CEE solidified a partnership by signing an agreement for the Center to provide our comprehensive services to the WCSU community. Those services include crisis intervention, individual and group counseling, advocacy, education, training and outreach. We are also proud to offer our services at Naugatuck Valley Community College at their Danbury campus. We provide education programs to college students on topics ranging from bystander intervention to human trafficking, in addition to tailored programs for specific audiences. These include a program for nursing students on identifying interpersonal violence in healthcare settings, a program for business students on sexual harassment in the workplace, and a program for graduate-level mental health counseling students on interpersonal violence and trauma-informed practices. These tailored programs help to shape young professionals before they enter their field or practice to incorporate their knowledge of interpersonal violence into their roles and place of work. We provide our education programs for classrooms, residence halls, WCSU Athletics, Greek Life and other clubs and organizations on campus. We also provide professional training to WCSU staff and faculty on understanding the dynamics of interpersonal violence and responding to disclosures in a sensitive and trauma-informed way."

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