Daily Bread Pantry

The mission of the grantee 2023-2024: To help those in need of food, whatever their circumstance. Danbury, CT. 

The purpose of the grant funding aims to ensure visitors to the Pantry have access to more than just “survival” food. By promoting healthy and nutritious food to guests who may never have visited a food bank or pantry before, the Project will help remove the dilemma often faced by the severely income constrained: whether to buy enough food, or to buy healthy food, but not in sufficient quantities.     

“If you live in the Danbury area and find yourself without enough food - for whatever reason - we are here to help. Whether you choose to visit the Pantry during our regular "farmers' market" style distributions,  make an appointment to  "shop" in the Pantry, or request home delivery, we give out a selection of fresh, frozen and non-perishable food - plenty to make several healthy and nutritious family meals.”

Daily Bread Food Pantry