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Do you know a "small someone" who might be a good fit for this role?

New Steven Spielberg film; is looking to cast a boy able to portray a Jewish Italian 6 year old. No acting experience necessary.

They are looking for a very special, real kid.


ROLE "EDGARDO" - BOY age 6-9 to play 6 years old. This is a unique and very challenging part for a truly special boy. The story deals with the complexity of an extremely intelligent and gifted child's situation - his desire to return to his family and the faith of his ancestors, pitted against his ability to learn the Catechism and engage with the Pope on a level far beyond his years. HE SHOULD APPEAR TO BE A JEWISH ITALIAN child. We are not looking for any kind of Italian accent. LEAD.

STORY LINE "The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara"- Steven Spielberg is making a film about the true story of EDGARDO MORTARA - a 6 year old Jewish boy from Bologna who was reported to have been secretly baptized by a maid, and was deemed by the Catholic church therefore to be Christian. Pope Pius IX (to be played by Mark Rylance) decreed that the boy could not remain with his Jewish family.
He was seized by the Papal State and taken to the Vatican
where his indoctrination into Catholicism began.
This is an incredible story of real historical relevance.

To submit: Email delisicreative@gmail.com. Subject line: EDGARDO SUBMISSION / Name of boy, city/state. Body of email: Parents/Guardians contact info (names/phone), boys name/age/d.o.b, city/state of residence, along w/current non retouched photos. If you'd like to include a brief introduction, bio or resume, please do!
Please note any related, special, or fun facts so we get to know him! 



Working to further the welfare and advancement of the Jewish community locally, overseas and in Israel

In our local community, we work to foster cooperation among local Jewish organizations

We raise and distribute money and develop programming for philanthropic, social, cultural, educational and religious purposes

Volunteer- Jewish Tradition teaches us that we must play an active role in the world. The concept of Tikkun Olam—repairing the world—expresses the value of volunteering in Judaism. The world may be imperfect, but we have an obligation to help make it better, more whole.




Our Vision


The Jewish Federation of Western Connecticut seeks to be the PLACE, real and virtual, for thriving Jewish life, community, and values.


Our Mission is centered on Jewish values that are critical to Jewish continuity

  • Am Yisrael (Jewish Peoplehood)

“Facilitate each member of the community to create and deepen their Jewish experience and connections” 


  • Talmud Torah (Study of Torah)

“Enrich Jewish life, learning, and continuity”


  • Tikkun Olam (Repair of the world)

“Support the needy and promote social justice”

  • Tzedakah (Charity)

“Inspire philanthropy and stewardship of resources”


  • K’lal Israel (The community of Israel, pluralistic community)

“Strengthen Jewish communities locally, in Israel, and around the world”

  • Kiruv (Outreach)

"Outreach-to-Jews unaffiliated and Jews relatives"


  • Jewish Film Festival

    Tickets $8 each- call today! 203-267-3177

    Tickets $8 each- call today! 203-267-3177

    Tickets $8 each- call today! 203-267-3177

    Tickets $8 each- call today! 203-267-3177

    Tickets $8 each- call today! 203-267-3177

    Tickets $8 each- call today! 203-267-3177

    Tickets $8 each- call today! 203...

    Tickets $8 each- call ...

The JCC Maccabi Games™ and ArtsFest™

The JCC Maccabi Games are an Olympic-style sporting and cultural event for Jewish teens from all over the world. JCC Maccabi ArtsFest is a weeklong arts experience for creative Jewish teens, featuring workshops in a variety of specialties with some of the leading artists in each field. ArtsFest will be offered exclusively in Stamford. There are many ways for the community to get involved. For information please click here.


Open to everyone! For more information, click here:

CT Torah Connection


Communities We Serve

Bethlehem, Bridgewater, Cheshire, Danbury*, Litchfield, Middlebury, Morris, Naugatuck, Newtown, Oxford, Plymouth, Prospect, Roxbury, Sandy Hook, Southbury, Southington, Torrington, Thomaston, Washington, Waterbury, Watertown, Wolcott, Woodbury and surrounding areas. 

*We have recently expanded to include Danbury and the surrounding area!

We also support our partnership region of  Afula/Gilboa in Israel.